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Where the heck did my day go? Okay, I know it got off to a slow start due to the migraine, and I ended up spending an hour or so helping out with the Worldcon thing, but I'm just NOW getting started, and I notice its already 9-ish and time to stop for the day...

Yay me!

Jun. 18th, 2003 01:18 am
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I'm beginning to feel that I'm on top of this whole fsking worldcon website project. I have, if not mastered http, html, javascript, CSS1-2, cgi, perl and dtd, and least gotten to the point that they are familiar and I have a good idea of what it is I'm doing.

I also managed (with more than a little difficulty) to summon up the courage to phone up the people at mci and ask why my scripts weren't running. Not only did I manage to get a coherent and reasonable answer, but I was given a propper developers account and everything, so that I have offical people to talk to if something goes wrong.

So, 98% of the code is written. Everything, in fact, except for the final crucial last step of actually producing the output that is the whole reason behind this project. I have one day left before we go live and, I figure, about 1/2 days work left.

I actually feel like I'm on top of things. Come the weekend though, I'm gonna wanna REST.


Jun. 16th, 2003 02:45 am
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You remember when I posted about the 1/2 day it took to figure out how to get referrer numbers to work in Mozilla? Well, I don't have a half day now. I'm trying to get a 1/2 assed working prototype by the time the worldcom offices open this morning. That gives me until 7:00 or 8:00 am, and its almost 3:00.

Well the latest version of my html site is rather complex in that it involves multiple form panes coordinating with each other, and without using javascript. This involves the panes recursively calling each other... Anyway, I'm now getting 'Redirection Limit Errors', and so I naturally assumed I had an infinite recursion somewhere. Nope. Worst case I could find was 3 redirection.

Then it hit me, when I was last tweaking my internal browser parameters I came across (somewhere!) a setting for maximum redirections=8, and I set it to 3, thinking that should be enough for anybody...

And now I don't know how to unset it.
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So, to settle any bets that may have been made, none of limbs dropped off, and my knee now feels substantially better. Not good, mind you, just much better.

[livejournal.com profile] denizsarikaya mentioned in one of her comments that she hoped I wasn't actually giving myself frostbite, or words to that effect. No, I'm using an actual icebag (like they show on sitcoms for folks with hangovers) and it is made of fabric over rubber. I also used it on the knee through a pair of sweatpants, so there were two (thin) layers of cloth between me and the ice. I didn't attach the icebag with bandages or rope or bungee cords or anything, since I really wasn't sure what the best position for it was. After all, the pain seemed to coming from under the kneecap, and it took several tries before I found a good position for maximal effect.

All that said, I only managed to do good for my knee. The tender spot on my side is directly beneath my right pectoral, after several attempts with and without an extra towel for insulation, all I did was make one of my nipples rather unhappy with me. I just don't think that the cold was able to penetrate far enough to affect the bruise (which, much to my surprise, still doesn't show on the surface). Then again, the knee was hot and throbbing which was a good indicator that ice might help, while my side only hurts when I move, pick anything up, stand, sit, lay down, stretch, belch, or god forbid, hiccup. Luckily coughing doesn't much bother it. Go figure.

So, not being at my most active (as if I'm usually a frenetically careening non-stop kinda guy) I sat in front of the computer all day. Did I do anything useful, like update my resume on all of the job sites, like I should if I ever wanna get a job? No. Did I at least start work on a list of science discussion topics for the next worldcon, which I promised to have ready by Saturday? No. Did I even manage to advance one of my non-urgent non-important background tasks, like sorting my extensive e-book and porn collections by topic? Nope. All I did was update my livejournal bio so that it includes pointers to wishlists in case anyone is feeling sorry enough for me to buy me a book or something. That wasn't a small task, since I had something like 130 links to books that... oops, I just remembered another list of wanted books I have that I haven't entered yet... Anyway, I had about 130 links to books at various bookstores, and it was only the amazon.com links that still worked after all of this time (some of the links were 10 years old). It took quite a few attempts to find some things, and in at least one case an hour at the library of congress site to find the ISBN for a book that amazon carries, but doesn't know it carries. (They have typos in both the authors name and the title, so I couldn't find it without the ISBN).

But, here I am, 7 hours later, with a feeling of second-level accomplishment mixed with 4th-degree thank-god-thats-done, and a book wishlist that everyone should check out. There are items on there that can be obtained as low as 94ยข and as high as $3000 so I think everyone should find something to match their budgets. Now all I have to do is lay back and wait for the presents to pour in.

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