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So [livejournal.com profile] taxlady just informed me that, in her opinion, my plan of going to sleep early is probably not going to work. I suppose, I could argue that to any sane being 7:00 am is pretty damn early. But frankly, I think she might have a point. Oh well, off to bed then, once I've had a bit of cheese, anyway.
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Sleep is good but I think I slept too much. I even had this plan that involved a leisurely breakfast at a nice restaurant and a casual stroll to do some shopping and banking and stuff. Now I look at the time and its all gone pants. I'll have to replan everything now.

It all reminds me of a favorite Warner brothers cartoon that starts with two very fat mice sitting on a pile of cheese in a cheese factory:

Mouse 1: "Do you want some cheese?"
Mouse 2: "No, no, no more, please."
Mouse 1: "Do you think you will ever want cheese again?"
Mouse 2: "I can't imagine it."
Mouse 1: "In an average lifetime, a mouse eats about 1/2 pound of cheese. I figure that last night we lived 2000 years."
Mouse 2: "Thats IT then, there's no reason to go on."
Mouse 1: "Lets find a cat and get him to eat us."
Mouse 2: "Right".

Of course the attempts by the mice to get eaten by the cat drives the cat to paranoia. He finally realizes he will never be able to eat another mouse, and so tries to get the dog to kill him...

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