Apr. 22nd, 2011

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My first week of work was a short one, as its Good Friday today and so there's no official work. I actually spent the morning configuring stuff on the new distro install so I'll be able to be productive on Monday, and so that I can get dual boot working properly (its 97% there. I can dual boot, but its interaction with kernel updates is kludgy).

Anyway, I haven't done much. Most of the week was taken up with the usual first-days-on-a-new-job thing like paperwork and getting accounts set up and reading the basic documentation and stuff. I'm hoping to actually get something accomplished early in the week because I'm flying out to meet my bosses and co-workers in Calgary on Wednesday.

I had initially thought there would be a two-week delay before heading out there, and had hoped to have something small but real to show for myself by then -- to prove that I can hit the ground running. Right now, not so much.

Other than that, I've been in a REALLY good mood the last week or so. Its amazing how much better one can feel when they know enough about their financial future to make reasonable plans.

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