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So, Linda ([livejournal.com profile] taxlady) and I have made speedy recoveries from our little sicknesses, and SPS is well enough that Linda just drove him home. He's still too sick to go to work tomorrow, but he probably will anyway.

I'm also sending him an invite code, so he just may start a journal here soon. The more that I tell people about my journal stuff here, the more I find are already keeping blogs. Funny that I never heard about it before. Anyway, I found out that an acquaintance of mine who is travelling across North America attending Science Fiction conventions as part of her Anthropology thesis work has started a blog to detail her adventures. It can be found here.

I've also got a friend who was maintaining a blog on www.deadjournal.com but I'm not sure I should provide a pointer, as she's not updated the thing in over a year. Maybe this will prod her into action <PROD>!!</PROD>

And finally, the mandatory rant: ARGGGGH MY HAIR!!!

I guess some explanation is in order. I think its fair to say that other than its wholesale desertion of my head in my late 20's, my hair and I have usually gotten along Ok. This is mainly because a) I am male, and so don't ask too much of it, and because b) I lucked out with a low maintenance variety.

My hair is long and straight and fine. It dries in about 10 minutes under poor circumstances and 5 under good. It always combs out easily and seldom tangles or knots. I do need to shampoo regularly or it turns to grease, but I blame my scalp for that.

Anyway, since I had my accident where I bruised a few ribs (which are still quite sore thanks for asking), I've had to sleep on my back, and my hair isn't used to that. Lately, every morning when I wake up my hair is a horrible tangle of knots that I have to spend several go-arounds of untangling and combing before its safe to shampoo, and then I need to carefully untangle and comb it again. Even so, its very frizzy for the first three hours or so after that before it gradually relaxes and becomes the kind of hair I'm used to dealing with.

Now, I know that those of you who've had to put up with that sort of thing since day one are not going to be feeling terribly sympathetic at this point, but it sure bugs the heck out of me!
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So, to settle any bets that may have been made, none of limbs dropped off, and my knee now feels substantially better. Not good, mind you, just much better.

[livejournal.com profile] denizsarikaya mentioned in one of her comments that she hoped I wasn't actually giving myself frostbite, or words to that effect. No, I'm using an actual icebag (like they show on sitcoms for folks with hangovers) and it is made of fabric over rubber. I also used it on the knee through a pair of sweatpants, so there were two (thin) layers of cloth between me and the ice. I didn't attach the icebag with bandages or rope or bungee cords or anything, since I really wasn't sure what the best position for it was. After all, the pain seemed to coming from under the kneecap, and it took several tries before I found a good position for maximal effect.

All that said, I only managed to do good for my knee. The tender spot on my side is directly beneath my right pectoral, after several attempts with and without an extra towel for insulation, all I did was make one of my nipples rather unhappy with me. I just don't think that the cold was able to penetrate far enough to affect the bruise (which, much to my surprise, still doesn't show on the surface). Then again, the knee was hot and throbbing which was a good indicator that ice might help, while my side only hurts when I move, pick anything up, stand, sit, lay down, stretch, belch, or god forbid, hiccup. Luckily coughing doesn't much bother it. Go figure.

So, not being at my most active (as if I'm usually a frenetically careening non-stop kinda guy) I sat in front of the computer all day. Did I do anything useful, like update my resume on all of the job sites, like I should if I ever wanna get a job? No. Did I at least start work on a list of science discussion topics for the next worldcon, which I promised to have ready by Saturday? No. Did I even manage to advance one of my non-urgent non-important background tasks, like sorting my extensive e-book and porn collections by topic? Nope. All I did was update my livejournal bio so that it includes pointers to wishlists in case anyone is feeling sorry enough for me to buy me a book or something. That wasn't a small task, since I had something like 130 links to books that... oops, I just remembered another list of wanted books I have that I haven't entered yet... Anyway, I had about 130 links to books at various bookstores, and it was only the amazon.com links that still worked after all of this time (some of the links were 10 years old). It took quite a few attempts to find some things, and in at least one case an hour at the library of congress site to find the ISBN for a book that amazon carries, but doesn't know it carries. (They have typos in both the authors name and the title, so I couldn't find it without the ISBN).

But, here I am, 7 hours later, with a feeling of second-level accomplishment mixed with 4th-degree thank-god-thats-done, and a book wishlist that everyone should check out. There are items on there that can be obtained as low as 94ยข and as high as $3000 so I think everyone should find something to match their budgets. Now all I have to do is lay back and wait for the presents to pour in.

Cold snap

May. 5th, 2003 03:26 pm
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Well my wife [livejournal.com profile] taxlady thought that [livejournal.com profile] denizsarikaya's suggestion of ice on my booboos was a good idea. So here I am trying to type while holding a sweating icebag on my stiff knee. I'm not sure that this will do much more for me at this point than give me frostbite, but Bears are notoriously difficult to argue with. More news later, when and if any of my affected limbs get better, or fall off.
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I went for a walk today with SPS, as we are wont to do during the summer months, and I managed to trip and fall, damaging my left knee and right side. I somehow managed to unexpectedly step with half of one foot off the sidewalk, and then lost my balance. In the moment before I hit, I had a choice of:

  1. Aiming for the hard sidewalk

  2. Aiming for a metal lamp post

  3. Aiming for the hard packed earth

I chose option number 3, but since the only earth was in a tiny spot between the lamp and the sidewalk, I had to twist to land there, and ended up elbowing myself in the right side, and hitting my left knee on the sidewalk anyway. The knee seemed fine, and didn't even bleed, but I've discovered since getting home that I don't want to try deep knee bends if I want to avoid agony. The worst part is the large bruise on my right side. I was afraid for a bit that I had cracked a rib, but now I think I just bruised the bone. In any event, I can't sleep on my right side, like I normally do, since that ends up with all of my (not inconsiderable) weight on my bruised ribs. If I try to lay on the other side, the mere pressure of my arm lying on my ribs is very painful. That pretty much leaves me trying to sleep on either my stomach or my back, two positions in which I don't sleep well. And if I move, I wake up. As a result, here I am at just past 5:00 am typing here, rather than catching my Zzzzs.

All of which is a roundabout explanation of why I've been playing around with the colors, fonts and emoticons of my journal. I have no idea what the final esthetic results will be, since I am not only brain-dead from lack of sleep, I'm red-green color blind to boot.

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