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There is a very nasty tendency that has grown up in Search APIs in recent years, and I want to rant about it.

When I search for something, I want to know WHERE it was found!!!

I don't want to have to use the same friking search function again next time I want to find some mis-filed item. I want to know WHERE in my 10,000 items it found the errant item so that I can either make note of its location or move it to a new spot.

Window's Help system will offer to run a program for you that you've found in the help system, but it never tells you where on your system or in your menu's that program is, or even what its called in the link.

Firefox's bookmark search function in the bookmark manager will show you all hits, but won't tell you where they are in the bookmark hierarchy. I just had to load my bookmarks as an html file and do a manual search for an item so that I could re-file it correctly.

I had a third example when I started this rant, but it fried in the anger radiating from my skull. SEARCHING IS NOT A COMPLEX CONCEPT! Get it right guys! Sheesh!

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So, Linda ([livejournal.com profile] taxlady) and I have made speedy recoveries from our little sicknesses, and SPS is well enough that Linda just drove him home. He's still too sick to go to work tomorrow, but he probably will anyway.

I'm also sending him an invite code, so he just may start a journal here soon. The more that I tell people about my journal stuff here, the more I find are already keeping blogs. Funny that I never heard about it before. Anyway, I found out that an acquaintance of mine who is travelling across North America attending Science Fiction conventions as part of her Anthropology thesis work has started a blog to detail her adventures. It can be found here.

I've also got a friend who was maintaining a blog on www.deadjournal.com but I'm not sure I should provide a pointer, as she's not updated the thing in over a year. Maybe this will prod her into action <PROD>!!</PROD>

And finally, the mandatory rant: ARGGGGH MY HAIR!!!

I guess some explanation is in order. I think its fair to say that other than its wholesale desertion of my head in my late 20's, my hair and I have usually gotten along Ok. This is mainly because a) I am male, and so don't ask too much of it, and because b) I lucked out with a low maintenance variety.

My hair is long and straight and fine. It dries in about 10 minutes under poor circumstances and 5 under good. It always combs out easily and seldom tangles or knots. I do need to shampoo regularly or it turns to grease, but I blame my scalp for that.

Anyway, since I had my accident where I bruised a few ribs (which are still quite sore thanks for asking), I've had to sleep on my back, and my hair isn't used to that. Lately, every morning when I wake up my hair is a horrible tangle of knots that I have to spend several go-arounds of untangling and combing before its safe to shampoo, and then I need to carefully untangle and comb it again. Even so, its very frizzy for the first three hours or so after that before it gradually relaxes and becomes the kind of hair I'm used to dealing with.

Now, I know that those of you who've had to put up with that sort of thing since day one are not going to be feeling terribly sympathetic at this point, but it sure bugs the heck out of me!

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