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I like sloths. For some reason a few lines by Ogden Nash are echoing in my head:

Then off to sleep again he goes,
still swaying softly by his toes,
and you just know he knows he knows.

Maybe its 'cause I only got about 4 hours sleep last night, due to a combination of my various aches and pains, the fact that I had slept in till 3:00 pm the day before, and the fact that I had to be up at 10:00 am today to fulfill a promise to swap someones wonky hard drive with a working hard drive, and move all of their files over.

So, I am thinking good, welcoming thoughts about bed right now, even if ...

<Phone Rings>
SPS just called me up to complain that conquering the world is harder than he had planned. Be afraid everyone, be very afraid.
</Phone Rings>

... as I was saying: even if I seem to be wasting my sleep time telling everyone how tired I am. So, that worked out, I'll leave you with a favorite riddle of mine. One that causes most people to either ROTFL or go HUH?

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
Click here for answer )
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Okay, I'm feeling less self-pitying now. It never lasts very long, so I have to wallow in it when it happens. Anyway, I've decided the only way I'm gonna finish the Saturday New York Times crossword before the answer appears on monday, is to do some googling for answers. I (currently) feel that this is fully justified, since they ask impossible questions like "A 14 letter abbreviation for a thing (obscure legal term)"!!!

So, hi ho, hi ho, its off to cheat I go,
I'll take a peek and sneak a cheat
Hi ho hi ho...

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