Jul. 11th, 2003 07:52 am
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Gotta go downtown and listen to a lawyer for a couple of hours. I own shares in a company I founded way back when, and they are going through another round of funding. This time though its with the Quebec government, so everything is in French. I can read French if its not legalese. As is I can't make head or tails of the contract they want me to sign, so I told them I wont sign unless they pay for a lawyer to answer all my questions. Well, they did, and I'm off to a 10:00 am appointment in just a few minutes.

Hopefully the guy speaks English AND is competent. Something I've found to be rare in Quebec lawyers. (The number of contracts I've been asked to sign with obvious and stupid mistakes is legion.)

So, this means that I'll be downtown (actually in the old port) and free from noonish onwards. If anyone wants to have lunch with me, this would be a good morning to contact me by Cell.

Oh, one last thing: I just came across the empty CD holder for Dragon-Half. So, if a certain someone who borrowed said CD is wondering what happened to the case, it was left here.


Jun. 30th, 2003 02:59 am
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Had a fun day with folks at [ profile] denizsarikaya. It was good to unwind. AND they agreed that dragon-half was rather amusing. Its nice to relax occasionally. Speaking of which this comic ) had me highly amused.
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The website is finally UP!!!! I can't show it to anyone at the moment, since its an automated questionaire for TorCon panelists, but its up, and I can rest tomorrow.

The idea of a VCD/movie/dragon-half/skinny-dipping/VCR/Wallace&Grommit marathon at [ profile] denizsarikaya's place tomorrow sounds good. I prolly won't wake until noon, considering I'm not in bed yet and I've been up 25 hours, but it shouldn't take me long to get there after that. Of course, I'll check e-mail and notices here to see that its actually happening.


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