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Its getting close to bedtime. Despite desperately not wanting to, I managed to make myself clean the upstairs bathroom, vacuum the upstairs hall and stairs, cook lunch, do the dishes, make green goddess dressing, and start hauling assorted crap out of the living room so we have room for a dinner in there.

That makes the list of things to do tomorrow tollerably managable. It would be easily managable if I hadn't slipped on the ice today while retrieving the recycling bin. I think I have a huge bruise on my right hip, and it hurts like the dickens to use that leg for much.

So, now I just need to relax, and get ready for bed. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wintersweet, I am going to go and play a nice and mindless tree-decorating game. A quick calculation shows there are only 720 possible games, but the site does show that there are other, far more complex versions of the same idea.


Dec. 19th, 2005 04:15 pm
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The plumber just left. It took him a fair amount of effort and some specialized tools, but he managed to remove the old drain and overflow pipe from the bathtub and replace them with new ones. Preliminary drip tests seem to indicate that this has, indeed, fixed the problem that caused our dining-room ceiling to cave in. If no problems arise over the next few days, it will be possible to go ahead with ceiling repairs. Of course, that may have to wait until the new year. It may not be possible to get ahold of reno people for the next week or so. *shrug*

At least that's one more (sub-)problem solved.

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