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So, of the three or four things I meant to get done today, I managed most of the preliminary windup for getting ready to do the first of them. Sigh. Sometime I think I need a big ol' taskmaster with a whip to make sure that I do the work that I promised someone I would do. Now I'm gonna have to work twice as hard tomorrow. If I don't play Civ.
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Its normal for someone whos playing a lot of a new video game to have dreams that are influenced by the game. So had I started having Civ III dreams I wouldn't be surprised. However, I remember my dreams from the last few days and though they were interesting (at one point I was a split personalitity private detective/secret agent, and the detective self was hunting the other half as a suspect in a political assassination...), but they did not involve Civ 3.

Why then, did I wake up both mornings with my eyes attemtping to make all objects fit on a diamond grid, and with a tendency to refer to myself as 'that unit'? In both cases I found myself getting a drink of water and thinking 'That unit is thirsty, better let it drink.", a way of thinking about myself that I found somewhat unnerving.
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... but enough about that.

So, there I was, not feeling too terribly sicky anymore, playing Civ III and trying to decide if I like it, and sort of humming tunelessly to myself. (Actually, it was also voicelessly, since I'm still very croaky. Said humming probably would not have been detectable with a parabolic mike at 2 paces, but I digress...)

Anyway, it was at that moment that my stomach, a large but normally unaggressive organ, decided to leap up my throat and take my brain hostage. Once it had my full attention, it growled at me:
Hidden to increase the drama )
So, I immediately staggered downstairs, and made myself some lunch. For those that care, it was homemade tortierre with beans, because all it took was 4 minutes of nuking.
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So, I'm awake. I think I am starting to feel better. I'm not back to being human yet, but I think I've at least reached vertebrate status.

While sick I've being playing Civ III for the first time. So far I've yet to decide whether I like it or not. Some bits are fun, some bits are very boring, and some bits I don't much like. I think I'll play a few more games before I decide for sure.

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